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CdMRA’s Jan Billings believes in Citizen Involvement


Project Adult Literacy, an offering of our Newport Beach Central Library, is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. 

My learner and I have been together for almost a year. Since I have been working with my learner, I have watched her become more confident in her interactions.  

In the past year, Jan’s learner has: 

… participated in her child’s PTA;
actively support the academic and extra -curricular programs put on by the parents; 
taken on a leadership role in a volunteer organization she is involved in; and 
is comfortable participating as a consumer in the community. 

She is so happy with her improved abilities that she is encouraging many of her friends to join the program as well.

This is just the beginning of Jan’s story . . . read more here

Pitch In!

The City of Newport Beach has launched its new Summer-long anti-litter campaign that will run from Memorial Day through Labor Day. 

The theme of the campaign is “Make a Splash, Pick up Trash: Keep Newport Beach Beautiful.” Over the course of the summer, residents and visitors will see the colorful campaign signs at the entrances to beaches, around public parks and City facilities in beach areas, and displayed by participating private businesses … read more here

NBFD’s New Wildland Fire Engine

The Newport Beach Fire Department introduced its newest fire engine with improved off-road capabilities designed to battle wildland fires. 

The wildland fire engine will be primarily utilized for the protection of the Newport Coast area and deployed to assist neighboring agencies with wildlands like Buck Gully … read more here.

East Coast Hwy Construction Project: January 24 through May 2022

Scheduled Construction Times
Weekdays 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. for concrete work starting in January
Weeknights (Sunday through Friday) 9:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. asphalt work starting in April

Impacted areas include:
…East Coast Hwy between MacArthur Blvd. and Newport Coast Drive 
…Marguerite Avenue between Bayside Drive and 5th Avenue 

What to expect:
No parking/tow away zones adjacent to construction locations
…Traffic lane closures
…Full road closures with detour instructions
…Street sweeping schedules will not be impact
…Taking extra precaution when driving or walking near construction areas, especially when children are in the area

City Contact Information
If questions, please contact Newport Beach Public Works:

      • Ben Davis at (949) 644-3317 or
      • Andy Tran at (949) 644-3315 or

To view a copy of the City’s door hanger with additional information, click here.

Who will represent Corona del Mar after City Redistricting?

Every ten years, local governments use new census data to redraw their district lines to reflect how local populations have changed. Newport Beach (and County of Orange) are required to engage voters in the redistricting process by conducting public hearings and workshops.

Why does redistricting matter to me?  Redistricting determines which neighborhoods and communities are grouped together into a district for purposes of council representation. CdMRA strongly believes this should be a resident-driven process and encourages all our residents to stay informed and participate in the process.   

Our City Council has hired a consultant and authorized an Ad Hoc Committee to study redistricting options and will seek voter input on how to rearrange our neighborhoods into new City Council District boundaries.  

Do not miss your opportunity!
Share your feedback and comments about how you want district boundaries drawn to best represent Corona del Mar neighborhoods. 

FAQ and the Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee meeting schedule available here.

One-Way Streets in CdM or “No Way!”?  What are your thoughts?

CdMRA has been addressing this issue in one form or another since CdMRA was formed in 1987.  But until recently, there never seemed to be an overwhelming interest in developing a formal study and plan of how one-way streets might work in CdM.

CdMRA is once again seeking your feedback and interest in a One-Way Street Concept Design for CdM’s Flower Streets.  We encourage you to share your thoughts with us.  Please do so here.


CdMRA’s Historical Resources Committee Update
Ron Yeo, Committee Chair

We are continuing to work with the Sherman Library and the CdM Historical Society to build awareness and understanding of our local history.


A few of our current projects include:

        1. Working on developing several photo videos on historical sites that can be accessed with your smartphone with an app such as the existing MyNB app that explains the Civic Center Sculpture Garden Art.
        2. Working with the County Historical Commission on gaining historical recognition for local sites such as Five Crowns, Kerckhoff Lab, the DelMar Hotel and the China House.   
        3. Coordinating with Ed Olen on oral history recordings.

The OC Historic Commission is noted for saying “You can’t protect what you don’t know you have.”   As an example, the first house was built in Corona del  Mar in 1909, known as the Happy House.  It was located at 2920 Ocean Blvd. and torn down in 2004.  Following that Tom Heffernan, who lives in a 1930’s cottage in the Flower Streets, founded the CDM Historical Society.  

Recently, 100 homes homes in Corona del Mar were chosen for historic value, and an article was published in the Preserve Orange County blog about our efforts.  [Article here]  

You’ll also want to check out Sherman Library’s digital photo album of Corona del Mar cottages.  The album is quite extensive and available here.

We are also working on a YouTube video which highlights a few of these homes.  You can view our work-in-progress below.

Corona del Mar’s Jetty 
The CdM jetty got a much-needed makeover in 2021. The 12-foot-wide boardwalk running from Pirate’s Cove to the rock section of the jetty is getting a new coat of cement, and more boulders are being added
so they’ll be at the same level as the boardwalk.  A podcast about this project is available here. 


June Local Business Spotlight – Gary’s Deli

Article submitted by CdMRA Member Bruce Carlin 

“A deli in Corona del Mar?  A deli in Orange County?  Not so many. To those of us who crave that kind of old-fashioned, comfortable, look-you-in-the eye delicatessen food and service, it’s not as common here in the OC as LA’s west side …” 

Click here to read Bruce’s entire article.


Article Archives

A Walk Around CdM Village Slideshow . . . 

Ron Yeo, a CdMRA member and Chair of both CdMRA’s Reforestation Committee and Historical Committee, is an architect by trade and has an additional interest in landscape. Some of his local architectural works include Muth Center, Back Bay Science Center and numerous park structures. Ron has spearheaded many efforts over the years that create microenvironments in our community, like pocket parks and vista points, which we can all enjoy. Take a virtual tour of CdM Village from Ron’s POV.  

Buck Gully History . . .  

If you are interested in a little history lesson about the deterioration and restoration of our Buck Gully, please read Amy Senk’s StuNews article. It is quite an informative piece and has several great photos as well. Besides, it’s always great to read Amy’s articles. We all miss her daily reporting of all things Corona del Mar!

Parking and Walkability in CdM . . . 

The CDM Business Improvement District (CdM BID) Parking Sub-committee and CdMRA representatives are working together to consider options for transportation and parking in the CdM commercial area. For more information and updates on this project, please visit the CdM BID’s website.

CdM Undergrounding Projects . . . 

At this time, there are two designated CdM Undergrounding Projects: Assessment District 117 and Assessment District 119. Here are a few links to information that you will find helpful:

Your Street Trees . . . 

A message from CdMRA’s Reforestation Chair Ron Yeo: To insure that your street tree will be properly maintained and remain healthy, the following care should be provided by the property owner:

        • Depending on weather conditions, the tree should be deep-soaked weekly throughout the year.
        • The tree should be fertilized at least twice a year with a well-balanced plant food.  Fall and winter fertilizations are best.
        • Avoid use of weed killers, soil sterilizers or other poisonous substances near the tree.
        • Do not plant ivy or other shrubbery in the tree basin. This material will compete for vital resources (water and nutrients).
        • Be careful not to bruise the trunk with lawn mower or other garden implements. A plastic tree trunk guard can reduce this problem.
        • Please do not trim the tree. The City will trim the tree on a regular, two-year cycle.
        • The City will also treat street trees for insect or diseases. 

Thank you for your help in maintaining our Village Character. If you have any questions about your tree, please contact the City Arborist, John Nelson for more information. 

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