Code Violations – What you need to know

The City depends on its residents and businesses to report code violations. It is not possible to staff the Code Enforcement Department large enough to cover the entire city every day. But as a resident you know exactly what is happening on your street and in your specific neighborhood.

Reporting code violations is quick and easy, and you can even choose to do so anonymously. Examples of code violations include noise, construction hours, water pollution, use of gas-powered leaf blowers in non-exempt neighborhoods, street drainage/run-off, etc.

There are three easy ways to report a code violation:

      1. Use the MyNB app
      2. Log on to the city’s website
      3. Call the Code Enforcement Department 

To find out how to use one of these three steps, read this quick and easy guide. Printable 3-page guide to reporting code violations is available here.  Our thanks to CdMRA Board Member Dennis Baker for researching this information and to CdMRA Treasurer Paul Blank for compiling it for us.

Update:  How to track your reported Code Violation

Code Enforcement has just launched a dashboard for residents to view and track the status of complaints.  Effective May 2023, you can view the status of your complaints here.

Code Enforcement Outreach Programs

Code Enforcement officers are reaching out to residents and Homeowner Association Boards in the hopes of meeting on a quarterly basis to highlight and identify problem areas that need addressing.  CdMRA intends to include Code Enforcement officials at our Board meetings on a regular basis. We encourage those of you in Homeowner Associations to talk to your Boards about inviting them to speak as well.  Every step we take in addressing these issues improves the quality and safety of our community. For more information about Code Enforcement, including how to contact them, click here

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