Coyote Safety

NBPD warns that coyotes are capable of hunting unattended small pets, including cats and dogs.  Residents who have lost pets to these predators are often unaware of coyote activity in their area. NBPD maintains an up-to-date Coyote Bulletin with information and tips for keeping family members and pets safe.  It is available here.

Below are a few quick tips on ways to protect your pets from nuisance animals like coyotes and other wildlife:

      • Fully enclose outdoor animal enclosures, including the top of the enclosure
      • Keep cats and small dogs indoors
      • Feed pets indoors
      • Store trash in covered heavy-duty containers
      • Keep yards free from potential shelter, such as thick brush and weeds
      • Enclose the bottoms of porches and decks
      • Eliminate potential food and water sources, such as fallen fruit and standing water
      • Never feed coyotes

For more information and tips for keeping family members and pets safe, please read NBPD’s bulletin here.

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