Upcoming CdMRA Meetings
CdM Residents are always welcome to attend

Board Meeting: September 15, 2016 @ 7:30 am
Oasis Senior Center Room #5

Guest Speaker & Topic
Tom Callister - CERT Neighborhood Captain for Irvine Terrace
Are You Prepared?


2016 Newport Beach Political Forum
City Council Candidates & Ballot Measure MM

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 @ 5:30 pm
Oasis Senior Center Evelyn Hart Event Room


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Community Development Department
One-stop shopping for building, planning, and code enforcement services. Click here.

Code Enforcement Office is geared to answer your questions and react to problems when reported.  If you have a problem with noise, construction hours, water pollution, street drainage, run-off,
or other issues which may be in violation of city codes, report the problem by phone:

           Business Hours:           949.644.3215
           Nights & Weekends:    949.644.3717

For more information about how Code Enforcements works and the kinds of situations they monitor, click here.

Construction Hours - Days and Times Allowed
Newport Beach Municipal Code 10.28.040 limits construction hours and noise. If you need to report a violation of either the hours or noise regulations, please contact Code Enforcement at the numbers above. Additional information can be found on the city's website here.

  • Weekdays - construction allowed 7:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
  • Saturdays - construction allowed 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  • Sundays and Federal Holidays - no construction activity allowed
  • Exceptions: Emergency building construction authorized by the Building Director; emergency repair to City facilities; or maintenance, construction, or repair authorized by the City Manager or Department Director.

Graffiti Hotline = 949.644.3333
Call this number to report any graffiti you find in or around CdM.

Traffic Signal Problem:  Traffic signal outages or problems can be reported by email.  Go to the City's website (click here) or call George Bernard at 949.644.3348 or Bryan Loo at 949.644.3324.

Noise Abatement Code:  We get many questions about hours of operation for lawn, gardening and construction equipment.  Noise of that nature is covered by the City's Municipal Code.  For
approved hours of operation and a status report from Council Member Nancy Gardner on this topic,
click here.

City News & Events Delivered To Your Inbox
If you would like to receive information about a variety of City services and events, simply register for the City's News Service.  Meetings, Events, Reports, Sports Field Conditions and more . . . You
chose the items you want to see.  Stay informed on topics that matter to you.  To register,
click here.

The City has provided lots of tips on how to better manage your water consumption and keep your water bill low.  New rebates become available from time to time to help offset the costs of Smart
Controllers, Sprinkler Heads, Artificial Turf, and more. Helpful links follow:

Volunteers working since 1987 to protect, preserve and improve our community's quality of life



==> UPDATE: Community Forum on Metered Parking September 14, 2016 6:00 p.m. at Sherman Library & Gardens

CdMRA & CdM Business Improvement District (BID) are co-hosting a Community Forum to discuss the pros, cons and concerns about parking issues, including Metered Parking, on Coast Hwy in the Village. The City of Newport Beach Revenue Department estimates revenues of $250,000-$500,000 annually. The City has not identified any plans for use of the money nor has the City done comprehensive studies about the impact of meters on residents. That's why this Forum is so important for your to attend.

At the July 2016 CdMRA meeting, the CdM Business Improvement District (BID) Parking Committee, led by Jim Walker, Scott Laidlaw, Ed Hanley and Bernie Svalstad, presented its most current proposal related to parking. The BID would like to see expansion of Parking Spaces Available for Commercial/Business/Visitor Use and makes the following observations:

  1. The BID has identified 300-400 parking spaces in commercial locations throughout CdM which are not used at night, or are lightly used during the day. 
  2. The BID  proposes  that the City create a Parking District which would contract with the building owners to lease these spaces for commercial use, especially in the evening.  
  3. The BID proposes that the Parking District could be funded in part by Parking Meter revenues. 

This is a preliminary proposal and requires further analysis and discussion by the City. A copy of the BID Presentation can be found here.

Meters: The BID has proposed that Parking Meters have a 15-minute grace period, so residents and visitors can make quick stops. Further, the BID proposed that residents be offered an annual parking permit, so they could park at meters on PCH without charge. This is similar to programs in Laguna Beach and parts of Newport Beach. 

Zoning: Scott Laidlaw discussed that the current parking requirements, generally 1 space per 250 sf in commercial space, are restrictive and difficult for many restaurants to meet. Thus, restaurants are concentrated in areas with existing parking or new restaurants come into 'grandfathered' locations. This results in a concentration of restaurants and related parking demand in so called 'hot spots'. The existing space/sf requirements for parking have led to many banks being developed, as they can meet a lower parking requirement.  The BID is proposing the City examine the Zoning for parking, and harmonize the existing requirements with any new code, to make it easier for restaurants to locate in more areas of CdM, and reduce the parking impact. 

CdMRA Board Member Input:

  1.  The proposal to lease additional spaces in a Parking District is worth exploring, but needs much further analysis before it goes forward. In particular, the impact on Residents must be explored and evaluated. 
  2. The case for Parking Meters is unclear to residents, and there is general frustration that the City Parking and Revenue staff members have not presented a unified case. Many residents have expressed concern that the installation of meters amounts to a funding of parking for businesses by residents, with no consideration of the benefits or negative impacts on residents. The City needs to explain why meters are needed,  impact on traffic flow (beneficial/detrimental), and proposed uses for funds.  
  3. The CdMRA Board expressed interest in development of an City Advisory Committee, which can evaluate parking and propose options in a public process, which includes residents, businesses, visitors, and other constituents. Councilmember Scott Peotter agreed that  Parking is an important issue and that he will make it a priority to come to a proposal and make decisions, including pilot projects, within 12 months.  

Short-Term Rentals in Newport Beach (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)
The city is collecting community input on possible revisions to its Short-Term rental permitting process. Two outreach meetings have already been held, and concerns are being addressed through increased code enforcement, identifying locations which are not permitted, and ultimately city ordinance changes.

CdM Shop & Dine – Every Thursday 6pm-9pm - http://www.shopdinecdm.com/
We just wanted to remind you about this fun event in the CdM Village each Thursday evening.  It’s a great way to get to know and support our local shops.  Stroll through the Village this week and find out what it’s all about.


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Be sure to visit our new Facebook page for timely news and updates. And be sure to LIKE us while you're there!

*** CdMRA Now on YouTube ***
Visit CdMRA's new YouTube Channel.
We are subscribing to several video channels that may interest you: Planning Commission Meeting Videos (posted by SPON) and videos about CdM Village created by CdM's own Ron Yeo. Ron is a CdMRA member, Chair of CdMRA's Reforestation Comission, an architect by trade and has an additional interest in landscape. Some of his local works include Muth Center, Back Bay Science Center and numerous park structures. Ron has spearheaded many efforts over the years that create microenvironments in our community, like pocket parks and vista points, that we can all enjoy. Thank you Ron!



Water Restrictions - Level 2 Enforcement - Water Days Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays Only - April 2016 through October 2016
On July 12, 2016, the City Council reduced water restrictions to a Level Two Water Supply Shortage (Resolution No. 2016-85). The new regulation require all Newport Beach water customers reduce their water usage by 15 percent compared to the same billing period in 2013. Information about the Level 2 regulations and restrictions can be found on the city's website here. Additional information on WaterSmart homes, irrigation planning and rebates can be found here.

Undergrounding . . . You Asked For It: Information on the Application Process & Timeline: Undergrounding Utilities

myNB Mobile App
Submit service requests, communicate with community leaders, pay your bills, stay up to date with City events and news all from one convenient app.  To get started, click here.

Code Enforcement Outreach Programs
The Code Enforcement Department is ramping up its efforts in Corona del Mar to deal with overflowing trash bins, cans left out after collection day, cans with no lids that let garbage fly free
and more by using NBPD’s Volunteers in Policing to help spot these violations.  You may want to read the detailed article on this topic posted by Corona del Mar Today (click here).  Code
Enforcement officers are also reaching out to residents and Homeowner Association Boards in the hopes of meeting on a quarterly basis to highlight and identify problem areas that need
addressing.  CdMRA intends to include Code Enforcement officials at our Board meetings on a regular basis.  We encourage those of you in Homeowner Associations to talk to your
Boards about inviting them to speak as well.  Every step we take in addressing these issues improves the quality and safety of our community.  For more information about Code
Enforcement, including how to contact them, click here.


Updated September 7, 2016





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CdMRA Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes:  See calendar below or click here for prior months

September: National Preparedness Month


Other Standing Commission/Committee/Community Meetings & Events of Interest (Meeting Agendas can be found by clicking on the links below or here)

CdMRA Documents: Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes:  Click here

For Sherman Library & Gardens Event Calendar, click here.



Fire Department (NBFD)
The Newport Beach Fire Department recently installed a worn American Flag recycling bin at the Central Library.  In just more than two weeks, they have collected nearly 100 worn American flags!  It is located near the book and video return area.  Fire department staff will collect the worn flags weekly, then deliver them to the Newport Harbor American Legion, where members will dispose of the flags with proper etiquette and ceremony.  Thanks to Corona del Mar Today for reporting this story. 

Fire Chief Scott Poster Report Fire Department News & Information
We encourage you to read this very informative and timely report about our Fire Department. Chief Poster's presentation covers personnel, equipment, locations and a vision for the future which includes advanced medical training for personnel to better serve the increasing needs of our community. The full Report can be found here.

Fall 2016 Training Schedule Available Now.

Take a few minutes with your family to develop and discuss your action plan in the event of a major disruption. With kids in school and parents working, it is important to know who to contact and where to go.

Better yet, consider becoming a trained Preparedness volunteer or contact your neighborhood team leader to see how you can help.

CERT Community Emergency Response Team - Neighborhood & Family Preparedness
Visit the CdM CERT Volunteers' webpage (either click here or go to the Navigation Bar above and click on their page). The CdM CERT Volunteers have provided a great deal of information, as well as a variety of templates, to help you get your neighbors and HOA's prepared and organized.  We have posted those resources as well as a calendar of events on their own special web page.  You will find neighborhood fliers, samples of neighborhood plans and budgets, and more. 

For emergency planning training (including First Aid and CPR, using a Fire Extinguisher and more), free to all Newport Beach residents, visit www.NBCERT.org for information, class schedules and applications.

How to prepare? Easy as 1-2-3:  

Police Department (NBPD)

NEW: NBPD recently implemented a great new map which plots out the Calls for Service for the last seven days by call type throughout the city.  It’s a great and visual way to stay informed about crimes, arrests, and other police-related activities. Calls for Service are updated every 30 minutes in the interactive map which can be found here.

NBPD Neighborhood Watch Newsletters - click here
Neighborhood Watch: Police Calls for Service - Corona del Mar
NIXLE - Sign up for NB/CdM News & Alerts
NBPD App: Read about the Police Department's new app which has useful and timely information and alerts. Click here. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    The Corona del Mar Residents Association (CdMRA) was created in 1987 to provide a unified voice on issues which impact all residential neighborhoods
    located in Zip Code 92625 (over 6600 households).  CdMRA utilizes a variety of communication tools, educational workshops and outreach programs to
    accomplish that goal.  We are NOT a "homeowner association".  We ARE a "resident advocacy" association.

    This volunteer organization works diligently to protect, preserve and improve our community's quality of life.  The larger our membership, the more effective we
    can be.

Be informed.  Be involved.  Support CdMRA through your membership.  Over 90% of our dues go toward the printing and mailing of our newsletters, and the balance is spent on our Town
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as they are today.

If you are already a member, please renew.  If you are not yet a member, please consider joining.  Membership is $20 each calendar year.  If you need to check on your membership status, simply
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