Door-to-Door Solicitors | Do Not Solicit Registry

City Council approved proposed changes to the City's Solicitor ordinance at their March 23 Council meeting.  Commercial
solicitors will be required to register with the City.  A "Do Not Solicit Registry"
has been established for residents who wish
to participate.  Non-commercial solicitors (political, religious, academic, etc.) are not required to  register.  HOWEVER, if
you post a "NO SOLICITORS" sign by your front door, none are permitted to disturb you.  Solicitors are still allowed in our
neighborhoods between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm, seven days a week.  Courts have overturned ordinances in other cities
which tried to limit hours.  A copy of the staff report outlining the ordinance changes can be read by
clicking here.

Be sure to post a "NO SOLICITORS" sign near your entry gate or door.  Not only does it help keep solicitors away, it also
works to reduce handbill clutter.   We've recently tested this, and it works!  Pick up a sign next time you're at the hardware
store, or make one yourself.  One of our Board members made his own sign and is happy to share his
"design".   Hardware store sample:  
click here.    Make your own sample:  click here.

Registration is valid for one calendar year, and is renewable each January.  Visit the City's website and sign up today.
Click here.

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